Multi-site infrastructure with SpeedFusion™


  • A leading international group in the food industry.
  • Culinary solutions provider with huge presence in Western Europe and Africa.
  • Parent company many prestigious local brands.


  • Looking to connect their HQ to warehouses, farms and vehicles.
  • Many of their farms are located in remote locations so cellular is needed.
  • If a fixed line is present, the technology needs to be able to utilize multiple links at the same time.

Recommended Solution

  • Since they have their own infrastructure in the HQ server room, we would suggest hosting their own FusionHub.
  • Deploy a Balance 1350 at the headquarters.
  • This powerful large enterprise router can provide up to 5Gbps throughput and support 5000 users.
  • A Balance 30 Pro would be deployed at the warehouse.
  • This rugged enterprise grade router can combine multiple WAN’s into one connection to provide an unbreakable connection. It is also capable of supporting the computers and VoIP located here.
  • The MAX Transit Duo would be used at the remote farm providing dual cellular connections to aggregate bandwidth or failover when required.
  • For the very remote farms, a MAX HD4 would be deployed. This powerful quad cellular device can provide aggregation of bandwidth from all 4 modules when required, providing an ultra stable connection.
  • The vehicles would be equipped with a MAX Transit Mini.
  • This device features ignition sensing and GPS for fleet management by default, making it perfect for those mobile deployments.
  • Install outdoor 4G LTE antennas at the remote locations to avoid signal disruptions which can be caused by thick walls or roof.
  • Sensitive data from all locations will be transmitted through a SpeedFusion tunnel utilizing PepVPN to provide utmost confidentiality.
  • With InControl 2 central management, network data can be accessed wherever you are. Remotely from one screen, you can provision, configure and monitor the entire network infrastructure to optimize the flow.

Devices Deployed