Multi-port PoE injector suitable for both the AP Flex and the AP mini?

I have a bunch of AP Minis that power off 802.3at/802.3af injectors.
I am adding one or more AP Flex, which require a Passive PoE 24V DC, 1A injector (which cannot feed off an 802.3at/802.3af injector).

I would prefer to have a single multi-port Gb PoE injector for all of them.

Does such a thing exist? If so, pointers, please

I suggest using POE switch to power up all AP One AC Mini. AP One Flex should be be power up by Passive POE injector.

So, there is no unifying piece of equipment covering both AP minis and flex. That’s too bad, I like to minimize clutter.

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Switch can drive PoE, PoE+ and 24V Passive PoE. Each port can be configured for PoE/PoE+ or Passive PoE delivery. The UniFi switches are available in 24 and 48 port configurations.

You will need to do some further research to be certain that the passive POE on the UniFi switch is delivered on the correct pins and in the correct polarity to properly drive the AP Flex. While PoE is a defined standard which ensures compatibility between devices, passive PoE is not a standard. There is no guarantee that voltage, pinout and polarity will be compatible between manufacturers.

We have used UBNT Edge Switches (auto-sensing IEEE 802.3af/at and 24V passive PoE) and the UBNT ToughSwitches (supports 24V or 48V passive PoE)
One device to power multiple different standards.

Since I have only one Flex at this time, I settled on a 802.3af to 24 volt gigabit PoE Splitter marketed as being for Ubiquiti and Mikrotik. I plugged that into my multiport 802.3af injector, and things seem function just right.

Thus: PoE injectors for Ubiquiti equipment seem to work with the Peplink - no wiring mismatch.
Specifically, what I now have is a WiFi-Texas WT-AF-24v15w plugged into a WS-GPOE-6-48v120w gigabit 802.3af passive POE 6 Port Injector.

The folks at WiFi-Texas were quite helpful when I called them prior to the purchase.

Hi Team, perhaps this belongs in the feature request section, but I think it would make complete sense for our Peplink switches to accommodate Passive PoE. Is this by chance on the road map?

I agree, as long as AP One Flex requies passive PoE.
New release of BR1 IP55 was switched to active PoE, so there is hope that so will be AP Flex :slight_smile: