Multi-link load balance solution with 4 internet links with Balance 580


Dear support team

Right now we have some requirements from customer want to use balance 580 to fix their problems

Currently they have 4 internet links .
2 local 100M Internet from 2 local service providers , 120M MPLS from AT&T from Shanghai back to USA. 120M MPLS from PCCW from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

They have different applications need to utilize different links .

1\ Oracle and Office 365 need back to USA HQ through AT&T links
2\ Salesforce traffic (which have pop site in Singapore or Hong Kong ) going out through PCCW 20M link
3\ Local traffic to Alicloud (which have local IDC) going through local 2 100M internet link.
4\ Avoid DNS issues , if using local DNS some domain is not able to work like google or facebook. But if using remote DNS from USA or Hong Kong.
Some local service will be redirect to oversea pop sites(like Ali-cloud USA or Hong Kong)

Can peplink balance 580 meet all upper requirements? how to configure 580 .

Thanks in advance for your kindly help.


Hello @Felix,
From our experience, your Balance 580 can be programmed to help you, it will take some effort and time and you need to have accurate details of the desired network. We have setup a MediaFast 500 recently (which is almost identical to a Balance 580 with exception of the internal storage) and have four discreet Satellite services each with different traffic requirements.

What we recommend is to draw this up with as much detail as possible, once you have this then you can use it to programme up your Balance 580 with it various rules and network priorities.

If you need detailed assistance, then you can look up you local Peplink Partner for help at or if the details are not commercially sensitive, then post your questions here and you may be able to get the answers you seek.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: