Multi-Gbps Wan to Lan Throughput

I’ve used to work for Apple and that is how I found out about your company. After reading over all your product literature I was sold on your brand and products. I guess I’m in a weird kind of user category. I’m not a business, but I have a two 42U racks with all sorts of stuff in my personal home. I’m by no means rich, but filling up the racks wasn’t to hard by refurbishing broken equipment sold for next to nothing on eBay. Or by hearing about small IT companies that went bankrupt and basically pay you to take equipment because they need to get everything out of the leased space ASAP. So even though I’ve got more ethernet outlets then a small office building, I’m still a home user. Those 16 IP security camera’s with NVR bundles start filling up the racks quickly. Recently I’ve been extremely lucky to have multiple ISP’s offering 1Gbps or more internet service. I’ve always been a multi-wan home for safety and emergency situations…etc. Before I write a book let me get down to my feature request. I would love to be able to purchase a Peplink product like the 710, 1350 or 2500 but at a Sophos XG 210 or WatchGuard XTM 330 price. The Sophos has Firewall throughput of about 14 Gbps, VPN throughput of about 1.35 Gbps, IPS throughput of about 2.7 Gbps, and even Antivirus throughput of about 2.3 Gbps and costs in the neighborhood of a Balance 310 or Balance 380. I don’t want to purchase another router with 1+Gbps Wan to Lan throughput I want a Peplink product. So the feature I would love to see is more Wan to Lan throughput. If possible without disclosing anything could you PM or email me and give me a little suggestion if I should hold off on purchasing anything new within the next 6 months.


Hi Justin,

Can you share how many 1Gbps WAN link you planned to subscribe? This allows me to provide better advise.

Two household hobbies are photography/video(daughter) and R/C model aircraft(Me) flown via FPV…Sorry I mean line of sight FAA! And we record in 4k. So between nightly offsite backups that are obviously massive, a couple of surveillance camera feed that are streamed and recorded on a box located at a family members house and vise versa and the fact that we “cut the cord” and now stream all TV programing… bandwidth can actually become a problem as crazy as it sounds for a home user. I plan to upgrade to AT&T’s Gigapower 1Gbps service in place of this uncommon service they call IFITL, and upgrade my Comcast service to fiber since there isn’t a data cap with that service, my current 250mbps service lasts about 14days before I use all my alloted data. Also no one in the my subdivision has gotten anything official from Google, but telecom engineers and planners from a mystery 3rd company have been surveying and running new fiber along the main road outside the subdivision. So to specifically answer you question I will have at least two separate 1Gbps services and will be keeping my Exede satellite service for SHTF situations. Rumor has it that Comcast is giving customers 2Gbps because of the whole Atlanta fiber ISP competition and there high price. So 3 Wan ports and 2Gbps Wan to Lan throughput. Hopefully I Google announces service availability. As crazy as it sounds that would be 1Gbps from At&T for $70 and 1Gbps from Google for $70 making my monthly bill for 2Gbps only $140…I paid more for TV service from Comcast at one point. I know I’m a weird category of customer since I’m not a business, but have a lot of available bandwidth. The current router I’m using can’t handle the bandwidth and I like my routers to be purpose built router’s not a 1U or 2U server I build and run something like Pfsense on. By the way if you need any hardware beta testers or case study individuals where you let the tester/subject borrow equipment, I’m completely available. :wink:

Hi Justin, thanks for the details and we will be sure to keep you in the loop on any future development efforts :up: