Multi-cellular bonding for corporate access


  • A Civil contracting company in the Oceania region.
  • Established for 15 years.
  • Focused capabilities include urban development, mining & resources, government projects and infrastructure.
  • Currently they have multiple remote sites and are expanding.


  • Require usable Wi-Fi connectivity so their wireless equipment (printers etc) and staff can connect to the HQ.
  • Multi-cellular connections are required to allow for high bandwidth applications.
  • A strong robust HQ router to utilize their current 100/100 fibre link at the HQ.

Recommended Solution

  • Deploy a Balance 310X at the HQ.
  • This rugged enterprise grade router can combine multiple WAN’s into one connection to provide an unbreakable connection.
  • Large sites would use the MAX HD4 quad cellular router.
  • When bandwidth usage is high, the intelligent SpeedFusion technology can monitor and utilize up to 4 cellular links, providing a variety of connections.
  • The featured captive portal can be used for per-user bandwidth control. This allows customization of bandwidth policies for different users such as internal or guests.
  • Since Medium sites have less users, we would suggest a MAX HD2 to be deployed here.
  • This device has 2 built in cellular LTE modems, allowing bandwidths to be bonded or used as a failover backup line.
  • SpeedFusion Cloud can be used as an optional solution, should the client not wish to deploy a HQ router.
  • This enables remote sites to run independently and still be able to utilize SpeedFusion technology for their cellular connections.

Devices Deployed