Multi-carrier SIM

I’m trying to use a SIM card from to test their service in a Pepwave MAX BR1. I’ve got the APN set as specified, but the LTE never connects. it sits at “Connecting”. I’ve checked the SIM card settings on the hologram side. I’ve tested setting carrier to auto as well as AT&T/T-Mobile. It should be one of those 2 as that’s all we have where I’m testing this.

Is there anything further that I need to configure on the BR1 to make these SIMs connect or are these type of SIMs not supported?

Try leaving the network mode to auto and setting one of the following as a manual plmn code.
Tmo - 310260
VZW - 311480
AT&T. - 310410

you can also try to do a carrier scan as well.

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