MPLS load Balancing


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can peplink balance load between two MPLS links ?



The Peplink can indeed load balance between two MPLS links. If there is only a single Peplink and no SpeedFusion, you can determine how traffic is routed with outbound policy rules in the Balance.


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but if i have got 3 MPLS lines to my both branches then how does it work ?

Now, we are reachable to other branch network on their private network but after deploying peplink it will get natted. and Drop-in mode peplink supports only one WAN.

but my requirement is to do load balancing among all 3 MPLS links.

Please suggest.



We have a customer that wants to increase bandwidth and have one MPLS service at each location. We want to use Balance to add low cost internet as a way to increase bandwidth and eventually shut down MPLS. Is there any success case that involves a scenario like the one we are planning?


Here is a link to a case study from our website:



thanks Tim. Good material.


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