MPLS and DSL PepVPN Configuration

Hello all,

Right now I have my Balance One set up with a DSL connection as its WAN 1 connection. My MPLS is connected to the switch portion of the Balance, with a static route setup to forward all traffic meant for my remote site to the MPLS’s IP. I am wondering how to change this setup so that my DSL can act as a fall back for the MPLS, such that if it goes down, my traffic meant for my remote location will automatically begin to route through my DSL connection, using PepVPN.

I hope that I have been clear with my question.


Your MPLS connection should be going into the WAN2 port of the Balance, not into the LAN switch.

I tried that but was unsure of how the WAN port should be configured.


May I know how many WAN connection do you have at remote branches? If you can share your high level network diagram will be great.

Hope this helps. I have two WAN connections at the remote branches.


Thanks for the info. Please find the recommended design as mentioned by Tim.

Believe your MPLS is using static IP. So you need to configure WAN interface as below:-

If you still facing problem on the configuration, please open ticket at here.

Thank you.

Thanks for the help, I will attempt this configuration this week and let you know if there is a problem.