mPCE webinar starting 8 May 2020

I wish to register for the mPCE webinar sessions starting 8 May 2020. However, I have no experience with Peplink and no previous certifications either.
Can I still register and will I get certified for mPCE? I beleive PCE is pre-requisite for mPCE.
Pls. advice

Hi Dennisf,

According to @Cassy_Mak PCE is a pre-requisite for mPCE , but you could have an attempt at the PCE exam before?

  • Prerequisite: Passed in PCE and still in the certification period
    *Register before May-8 and we’ll waive the first attempt fee associated with your attempt at the PCE + mPCE exam (normally $150+$150).

You can find the training webinars here:


What is the time period within which I need to take the mPCE exam once I complete the Webinar om May 18, 2020?

No, there is no deadline but the examination fee is waived if you complete the exam before the 30th of June 2020

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Dear Erik_B
Please provide Slide all session

Tran Hoa binh

Hi Tran Hoa binh,
Welcome to the forum!
@Cassy_Mak has posted links to the available mPCE webinars and slides in this post.