Moving on from Balance 20 - suggestions?

I have a Balance 20 for use in my home / home office.   I have a cable modem and DSL going into the Balance 20, and have a 3rd WAN port in case either of the other two ports go bad (this happened to me years ago).  I am using it primarily in case the cable modem fails, so that it automatically switches to DSL.  I have four devices plugged in to the router: 2 desktops, 1 laptop, and 1 Eero wifi device which connects around the house. 

I am looking into getting faster speed (unsure whether 400Mbps or 940Mbps), and therefore would need a router capable of handling faster speeds than the Balance 20 can handle.

Given my needs, it looks like the best option if my speed is 400Mbps would be the Balance One core and converting one LAN port into a WAN port with the software license.  If my speed is faster, it looks like the Balance Two would be best.

My questions:

  1. Are the Balance One / Two best for my needs depending on speed?
  2. Does the Balance Two offer a 3rd WAN port if desired?
  3. Can I copy my configuration file from my current Balance 20 to a new Balance router?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Maybe. The Balance two has great headline speeds and would be my likely recommendation.

The Balance Two supports USB for third wan using an ethernet / 4G dongle.

Peplink engineering can normally help with config conversions.

Just to be clear, the USB port on the Balance Two supports Ethernet? Meaning you can connect a USB to Ethernet adapter?

Hi Michael,
I have not tested myself it but would fully expect a USB ethernet dongle to work in the Balance two like they do on the balance one.

Lets ask @WeiMing if he knows for sure :wink:

@MartinLangmaid , thank you for your information! I didn’t know about the USB / 4G dongle ,so I did some research and learned about what that was. I’m glad that both of the Balances are good for my setup - I’m now deciding which speed we will purchase and proceed from there. Thanks again for all your help! - Bob

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