Move a Balance One (with Wifi) to Balance One Core (No WiFi)

Hi, I need to migrate from a Balance One (with internal Wifi) to a Balance One Core (no Internal Wifi), can I configure the new box with the config file from the old box?

I remember trying to do this a while ago, and while the two models are very similar (the only difference is the internal WiFi), the restore process failed because it wasn’t exactly the same model.

My configuration is quite complex, and I would prefer not have to manually configure the box from scratch.



Hi @Steve_Chandler,

You should be able to do this via the Partner Pavillion.

You will need to download the active configuration of the Balance One that you want to convert.
After logging into the Partner Pavillion, go to Technical Support > Balance Config Converter and upload the config file.
The rest should be clear.

If you do not have a login for the Partner Pavillion, contact me at [email protected] with the config file.
I will then do the converting process for you.

Thanks for your prompt response!

Unfortunately I do not have access to the Partner Pavillion.

Thanks for the offer of dong the conversion for me, but for security reasons I can not share my config file.



Hi Steve,

No problem, happy to help.
I completely understand that you’re not willing to share the config file with us.

@Keith/@TK_Liew, is there any other way this customer can convert his configuration file without having to consult a partner to do it for him?

Anyone at Peplink? Can you help with this?

Perhaps the conversion tool could be available to customers, so it could be run locally at the customers site?


Hello @Steve_Chandler & @Joey_van_der_Gaag,
Best to put in a ticket request via the support request URL, add your configuration file onto the request where it has the option for an attachment at the bottom of the form.
From our past experience though Peplink are unable to currently convert the configuration files with the Balance ONE series between models.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for your input.

I really think Peplink should make this easier for people that are either upgrading to larger or newer hardware, or repurposing equipment.

I will open a ticket. Although I am not comfortable sending my config file to anyone (including Peplink).



Has the ability to restore to slightly different Balance One models changed? I have an original Balance One that died that I am replacing with the version with 802.11ac. Both versions have wifi, but it isn’t clear if a simple restore will work.

You should have no problem to restore the configuration.

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