Mounting Bezel or Face Plate for the Pepwave SIM extender

Got my extender today but it didn’t come with a bezel or face plate to mount it. The device has threaded holes and they are recessed from the front of the SIM receivers for an 1/8 or 3/16" bezel, a thin face-plate with a small rectangular hole for the SIM slots to stick thru allowing SIM’s to be inserted into the extender slots. I am guessing the bezel would fit into a 19" rack or similar. Assumed it would come with it as it would need to be very specific to that device to work.

Anyone know the part number for the mounting bezel or face plate?

I’m not looking for suggestions for mounting it, I am looking for the bezel they must have created to mount this to something.


I don’t think Peplink actually makes or sells such an item, most people buying these are integrating them into their own cases / products.

Would be nice though if they made a 1U panel that would take 8 or so extenders, ideal for those MBX4 deployments etc.

I’m hoping they make a one slot panel. They really should say there is no mounting face plate in the items description even though one is needed unless you like using duct tape as a solution for all problems. Maybe they have a file that would allow us to print it. (I assume those 3D printers can take a standardized input file, but I have no idea) I tried to dremel a hole for the extender in a project box but I am not very good at that, it looked like a 6 year old did the work.

Peplink don’t make any panels because everyone will use the extenders in different ways and need different types of faceplates - so they expect people to make their own.

If you speak to your Peplink partner they can get the CAD for the cut outs required. Then you could either get something 3d printed or machined out of aluminium to act as the faceplate. When I had my first faceplates made I went to a local sheet metalwork guy and gave him the SIM injector and he made me a faceplate in an afternoon.