Motorola NVG510 Modem does not allow to Bridge

I am starting a project for a small office that has AT&T U-Verse as its only provider that serves the neighborhood. They have a fairly unique environment that they would like to use a Peplink 30 Balancer with their two Motorola NVG510 modems. The problem is that particular model does not allow bridging. Any suggestions on configuring the modems? Once they are configured, how should the WAN ports be set up?

This is all new to me, so any suggestions, rants or questions are appreciated.


If the U-Verse routers do not do bridging the balance will get a NATed private IP for each WAN connection (Public IP will be on the U-Verse). Depending on the overall go for your deployment, internet traffic will still load balance between both of the WANs when going out to the internet. You should be fine with just setting the WANs of the balance as DHCP for the connection type (Which it is by default).