MOTG Wifi-WAN Invalid Login ID

I try to set up a Wifi WAN with TelenetWiFree on a MTOG SSID with WAP2 Enterprise.
each time I try to enter my Login ID: [email protected] I get a error “Invalid Login ID” as if the @ is not accepted.
Do I need to change something?


Hi Robert,

Can you provide screenshot which can show where you get this error message?

Thank you.

Attached the screenshoot

Hi Robert,

May I know how many characters of your login ID?

18 characters
[email protected]


Can you try max 16 characters? We tested it is working fine.

Yes I just tried with 16 characters and it is accepted. Unfortunately the provider gives me a Login Id which has 18 characters. What now?


I would contact the provider to see if they can give you one that is 16 characters and below.
Otherwise you can create a ticket and we can see if there is anything engineering can do. I would check with the provider first.