MOTG Battery

Guys ,

Any update regarding external battery for MOTG ?


Hi Hootan,

Can you share which industry is looking for this?

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Video broadcasting

Hi Hootan,

We yet to have timeline on this.

Anyway, you may consider to power on MOTG with Power bank. Please find the attached.

Thank you.

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We like Goal Zero Sherpa 100 for this.

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Yes, Sherpa 100 Power Pack or other similar power pack can be used to power our mobile router, eg. MAX On-The-Go.

Thanks and regards.

We’ve been using the Tracer lithium battery packs for a while with some sucess
Not quite as flexible as the goal zero units but also a bit cheaper too

i’ve been thinking about designing and 3D printing clip that holds the MOTG and a battery together
If others are interested let me know and I’ll put something together

Hi Michael,

Thank you for sharing.

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Michael, which tracer are you using? We had problems with the Sherpa 50 not charging fast enough when we used 4 modems.

Also, does it have an on/off switch or do you just pull the plug?

In regards to your 3D printed clip, sounds cool, but we use 3M outdoor double sided tape, it works better than you’d think.

Only just seen this

Use the tracer 4Ah & 8Ah battery regularly, no on/off though
had the 4Ah in a case with the MOTG for about a year or so and we only ever use two modems because the 2 of the 4 UK networks are dreadful for data if you move or dont live in city
i’m looking at you Vodafone & O2

oh and yes 3D printing is great but its a long way off competing at the price level of double sided tape!

heres the tracer weblink for those interested