MOS Scoring

We use Peplinks solely for our hosted VoIP installations. We previously used the Edgemarc’s, but they have become very unreliable and we are now using Peplinks in every installation. With that said the only feature Edgemarc had which was nice was to see active SIP calls and the MOS scoring of the call to determine if there is jitter, packet loss, etc on calls.

Would be a great feature to add VoIP diagnostics since VoIP is becoming the norm.

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Hi team - I agree with ElementPBX in that VoIP is becoming a huge focus in which Peplink is being utilized. If there is anything that we can do to make it a better solution for VoIP providers i believe it will be of great benefit.

Thanks, Mike


We had an edgemarc, and liked the VoIP-specific features like local proxying for survivability and stability and MOS scoring (which matters less with a G.722 service, but still). We shifted to Peplink because the software is so much more polished and has better documentation. Proxy and MOS services would be killer adds for the Balance line. Most other border devices that have those VoIP services are re-purposed TDM boxes that don’t focus on IP (at at least not very well).

We’re actually pressuring our VoIP provider to switch to Peplink so that we can create a an “unbreakable” SpeedFusion/PepVPN link to their network. The trouble seems to be that they need border devices with VoIP functions, too, to be confident in making the change.

Another +1 here.

I think I should add this, since it’s a subtle but important point: VoIP is rapidly going to HD Voice, with wireless carriers to follow soon, so MOS scoring should include support for G.722.



Has this been considered in one of your firmware releases?

Any update on this from PEPLINK?

Hi All,

We hear your request. We have evaluated the request, it seems to be a useful feature especially in VoIP deployment. We will put in our roadmap for future firmware release. There is no ETA yet, as we have other pre-planned features queuing to be embedde into our products.

Thanks and regards.

I agree… VOIP Installation is one of the most important selling point for SpeedFusion VPN and I think It deserve a special dashboard or tool to measure jitter, latency, etc…


This would be very helpful

Hello Peplink Team - We continue to get more and more requests for these features to be added. The increase in VoIP partners to the Peplink network is continuing to grow and grow quickly. These capabilities will go a long way in making VoIP a perfect match for the Peplink product line. Please let us know if there are any further details in regards to roadmap and timeline for release.

As always, thank you for your continual hard work and support!

Yes, please we need this I don’t want to use 3rd party software or other costly devices on top of Peplink!

Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback. We are doing R&D on this. Stay tuned.