More usage info / BW allowance


I use my Balance 30 to connect to the internet via three methods, 3G mobile, ADSL and Tooway satellite.

Whilst the usage information is good I think it could be improved.

Firstly the Daily Usage for ‘All WAN’ enables me to drill-down into the individual days usage, by date (so I can see what IP address is using what bandwidth). Unfortunately if I select a specific connection (i.e. not ‘All WAN’) then I lose the ability to look at the usage per IP address. This information would be very useful for me in relation to my satellite connection.

Also regarding the bandwidth allowance monitoring, with satellite broadband services they don’t operate on a fixed monthly usage basis (i.e. the allowance being reset on a given day). With this service they use STMs (Sliding Time Windows). For the Tooway service, these work over 4 periods (4 weeks, 1 week, 4 hours and 1 hour), there are limits for each of these periods, the values being dependant on the package purchased. So for these limits it’s a rolling restriction, i.e. the usage is measured back from the current time for the four periods specified.

Exceeding the 1 and 4 hour limits doesn’t down-speed you much but exceeding the 1 week and 1 month ones do.

So for the monthly limit available in the balance it would be excellent if instead of selecting a start date that there’s an option for a sliding time window limit (i.e. looking back over the previous 28 days from the current date). And a 7 day measure would be good too! :slight_smile:

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We will definitely have a look at it.