More than happy

I take my time to write a short success story, peplink deserves it!

We are an internet company established in 2000. A stable internet connection for our daily business is a must. It happend a few times our connection to the internet was dead. Apart being interrupted from the work we couldn’t support our clients. It was time to search for a solution -> dual wan balancer. I found Peplink Balance 310 which fits our requirements.

We ordered one device by the end of 2008.

Our LAN is managed through a firewall and can’t be replaced by the “wan balancer”. I read about drop-in mode and finally started in January 2010 with integration of Peplink Balancer 310. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed due to routing problem on adsl modem. I gave up.

In October 2011 I gave another try and contacted Peplink support. “Ron” did always reply fast, accurate and helped a lot. With his help I understood drop-in mode can’t be used with adsl moden. We designed another network approach and succeeded.

We are still using our firewall. From there packets are sent to “wan balancer” which has 1x adsl modem & 1x cable modem connected. Since November 2011 we are using Peplink load balancer and are very happy. It saved us a lot of troubles as internet connections break from time to time. With its email notification we know exactly at what time and how often this happens - kind of quality controlling of our providers.

We even could update to the newest firmware .

I highly recommend Peplink as their products and team members do an excellent job.


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Thank you for your kind words, Rolf. We are very happy to know you have a good experience with Peplink. Ron is a great guy from the support team and he is just happy to help out :slight_smile:

I think you will like our Router Utility app too. It is a free mobile app for Peplink/Pepwave devices and it gives you instant insight into device status, events, bandwidth usage, all from your smartphone/tablet. And with support for push notifications, you’ll know immediately whenever there’s an important status change, helping you stay informed on the go. I hope you will fine it handy. Here is more details.

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Thanks Peplink , I really like Router Utility app , it’s cool .

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