More Granular control of user permissions on InControl2


I would like to have more granular control.


I have users that are helpdesk that need the ability to remote into the device, change it’s tags and move from one group to another if needed.

However, this person does not, and ideally wouldn’t, have the option to remove devices from InControl2.

Ideally it would also log when they make changes to the tags.


Hi @jbierwiler,

There is a type of user which would meet the majority of your requirements - Group Admin.

This account can:-

  • Add Devices

  • Edit Devices, including tags, notes, changing the device name, etc

  • Move Devices (to other Groups the user has access to only - from Release 2.8)

  • Remote Web Admin to access the Device GUI

  • Remove Devices from InControl

However, all of their actions are recorded in the Organization Operational Log.

Below is a log to show the information provided:-

Here is a summary of the user roles and an explanation of their access, etc:-

I hope this helps,