More detailed release notes

Release 5.4.6, September 27, 2012

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4.6 since 5.3.12

    System stability
    CPU & memory utilization
    HA stability
    Drop-in Mode stability
    SpeedFusion performance and stability
    IPsec stability
    Web Admin stability

Running BA310hw2/5.4.4 as server (2 WAN links) and BA310hw2/5.4.1 as client (3 WAN links), there is a bug in the firewall that doesn’t process rules with domain names correctly. The “client” BA310 is configured to allow outbound connections to “server” BA310 by using a domain name ( The domain name ( is configured as a CNAME pointing to (y.domain2.tld) and (y.domain2.tld) is delegated using NS records to and; That DNS-domain name firewall setup doesn’t work, only when entering the IP addresses of DDNS records and the outbound firewall rule lets traffic through permanantly. Using the domain name, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. It looks like whether only 1 IP address is resolved and allowed.

It would be nice to read in the release notes enough information whether an upgrade would fix this bug, or when it would. Why? Don’t fix what isn’t broken and as a result keep high uptime values.

Can you open a support ticket via

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We would like login your unit and diagnose the issue