More Bands for MAX BR1 Mini and BR1 Mini Core

New Module for More Bands
We are changing the cellular module in the BR1 Mini and BR1 Mini Core. This will allow them to support additional bands.

The old module supports the LTE bands: B2, B4, B5, B12, B13
The new module supports the LTE Bands: B2, B4, B5, B12, B13, B14, B66, B71


Will the new module change the version, appearance, or function of these devices?

This change will not affect the current version, and both the BR1 Mini and the BR1 Mini Core will stay as HW1. There will also be no changes to the appearance or function of the devices.

What is the status on the new module’s certifications?

The new module is already certified by Verizon, AT&T, and FirstNet, allowing for instant deployment without disruptions.

How can I tell if my device supports the additional bands?

Products with the new cellular module will have an IMEI starting with 35432809 or 35604311. This can be found on the box label, or via the Partner Pavilion, InControl2, or the Web UI.


Good move, Toby!

Edit to add: I agree with @Topher and @mystery – this would be a particularly auspicious time to increment HW version. :nerd_face:


Good stuff.

Interesting though that it does not increment the HW revision # which makes it easier to identify a change to hardware component…


This does seem like exactly the time you’d want to change the hardware revision. The hardware has quite literally been revised.
I fully understand not changing the SKU, but why not call this a new hardware revision. That would eliminate a lot of purchasing confusion and a myriad of other times the model and hardware revision are used to identify specs on a router.


What is the new model of modem that will be used.
I did a random sampling of our units and this is what I see:
Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini LTE vHW1 LE910-NA V2
Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini Core HW1 LE910-NA V2
Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini LTEA HW1 Sierra Wireless MC7455

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