More 2.4Ghz issues on Surf SOHO

I’m experiencing some problems; there is NO broadcast on 2.4Ghz once I updated firmware beyond 8.0. Not even SSID (that is, the 2.4 ID doesn’t show up on any device as an “Available Network” to even attempt to connect to, and any devices that were connected previously are dropped).

I am in a quandary here, because I am trying to set up a mesh, and mesh is not supported on previous versions of the firmware… the versions where 2.4Ghz (mostly) works. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the new line found in the AP Settings display, which notes that “Integrated AP supports 802.11n/ac only”, with the 2.4Ghz settings just noting the protocol as “802.11n”. To me, “n/ac” means “n AND ac”… as in, either-or.

EDIT: So, it appears I can either have 2.4Ghz functionality, or Mesh/External AP functionality… but not both. Unless the Mesh is set to 5Ghz. This is not really acceptable, as most devices I need to connect via WiFi are 2.4 devices…

Anyone have any clues on how to resolve this paradox??

Hello and Good Day
You have the latest firmware update 8.1.3 build 5030
I had a problem with one of the AP on my Soho and the fix was to uncheck the 5 GHz. Also be sure to enable the mesh AP your using.

Maybe try that.