Monthly Usage Report error - delete old usage history?

After a recent reboot of my Surf SOHO router, I noticed the Monthly Usage Report has 0.05 GB of downloads listed for December of 2017, which is interesting because I’ve only had the device since December of 2019! This effectively renders the Monthly view useless, as I have a little blip for 12/2017, then nothing for two years worth of time, and then the actual data that I’ve accumulated in the last few months all crammed onto the right hand side of the report. I assume that when the device rebooted, it had an incorrect time for a brief moment before it corrected itself. Is there a way to fix that? Essentially, a way to delete history that (the router believes) is from several years ago? Running firmware 8.0.2.

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Best way would be to hit the feedback button (the blue one on the right) in Incontrol2 on that specific report. The team can see if they can fix that for you.

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