Monkey with a Pepwave and a Dream...Or, who let this guy in here?

Generally unfamiliar with networking - when i enter I get the error message:

"This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

I know there must be a simple solution for this, but I may be too simple a person to get it…Can someone tell me exactly what to do to my system to allow my browser to interact with the web admin.

Thank you so very much!


Hello David,

It could be as simple as your device’s network settings. Let’s ensure that your device is on the same network segment as the router, if it is not the message you are receiving would be expected.

Please do an online search to identify what your network settings are for the type of device you are attempting to connect with, ie. Windows, Apple device, etc.

Suggested search string: “how to identify my network settings in windows”
– Please modify the string according to you device and refine search as necessary.

You want to set your network settings to the following in order to access the web admin:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Then enter the IP address of the web admin into your browser to access it.

Also, you could call the US office support line for help, the number is available on the Peplink website’s home page in the upper right corner.

Or you could open a support ticket by clicking here.

Thank you David.