Monitoring WAN status using SNMP - more additional information needed


in our network topology there is our central office and several branch offices (around 50), which are connected via PepVPN.
So that we can see all information needed we would like to monitor some more WAN status information using SNMP than currently possible.

What we do not see yet:

  • Latency
  • Packet Loss
  • Jitter

Could you implement these MIB objects?


Hi Welcome to the forum!
The custom Peplink MIBS don’t currently have Latency and Packetloss or Jitter per WAN you’re right.
Did you see that latency and packet loss is available in the PepVPN MIB though? That might be of use in the meantime.

thank you for the quick reply.

We are already using these MIBs for monitoring our VPNs and the active WAN connection status. But that’s just the problem - we do only see the information about the active WAN connection(s). Since we have backup lines that are set with different priorities in PepVPN, we need a way to solve this.

It would be best solving this using MIBs.

The latency, packet loss and jitter (for VoIP) for each individual WAN would be desirable.

Is there a way doing so?


I am still wondering if it is possible to do so.

If not: Are you planning to implement this feature soon?