Monitoring Question

Looking for some guidance in recreating the SpeedFusion real-time graph in our network monitoring application (PRTG). I imported the MIB (pep vpn status wan drop packets: #[, However all it reports is the value of the packet loss by increments. Has anyone successfully created a SNMP sensor that best reflects the loss rate (pkt/s) for a SpeedFusion tunnel? Maybe a Peplink engineer can give some insight on how the real-time graph works? Does the graph use the same MIB’s or does it use interface counters we don’t have access to? Thanks!

Which firmware and MIB version you are using?

7.0.0 build 1904 and peplink_balance_snmp_mib-6.3

Any update? Thanks!

The OID for PepVPN Status WAN Drop Packets is .