Monitoring peplink with nagios

Dear Team,

I would like to request my facing problem.
I have Nagios Linux Server and two pep link devices as HA(master and slave)
I want to monitor this two devices, HA Status, WAN Status , System Uptime, etc.
I want to login into peplink device password less by ssh.
But i can’t solve this problem.
Please suggest me.
SSHProcessError The ssh process was terminated. at ./ line 65.

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Welcome to the forum!
Have you enabled SSH access in System > Admin Security?

You have to login with the weadmin username and password.


Yes sir, We have enabled SSH with port 8822.
If you have script to monitor peplink,
Could you provide me ? Thank sir

I do not. The last time I used nagios to monitor Peplink devices I used SNMP with Peplinks custom MIB files. Have you tried that?

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Dear Martin,

I have MIB pep link MIB file.
Please guide me step by step to monitor.

I can’t. I no longer run Nagios on my network. @james.webster1 do you have any active nagios deployments currently?

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I haven’t used Nagios for a while but when I did SNMP was the way to go. I used to use a distribution called OMD (OMD Labs | ConSol Monitoring) to monitor peplink devices along with the rest of my network devices.


Dear Community Members;

Whom know peplink devices by SNMP with Nagios COre Montoring??
Please guide me