Monitor perfomance ( CPU, RAM ...) of Peplink Balance 580 use SNMP

Hi everyone !
I want to monitor performance (CPU,RAM …) of Peplink Balance 580 use SNMP.
Device’s peplink have Firmware 5.4.7 build 2423. I was downloaded MIB file, but all don’t have info CPU, RAM …
So, Can you help to dowload MIB file for Firmware 5.4.7 then can monitor performance’s device ?
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Please upgrade B580 to v6.2.1RC. Our CPU and RAM can be monitor by standard MIB which should be available in most of the monitoring software.

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Thanks TK Liew.
I using opManager software monitoring Peplink device. But, in opManager haven’t vendor of Peplink be I need to create a template for Peplink device with MIB file.
As you reply for me, if my B580 use FW 5.4.7 that will don’t monitoring performance (CPU,RAM …) by MIB file ?
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B580 will need to be on 6.2.1. We have made many improvements/advancements regarding SNMP since 5.4.7. If you have the latest MIB and 6.2.1 firmware, you should be able to monitor CPU/RAM on opManager.

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So, If don’t upgrade B580 to 6.2.1 and use FW 5.47. Can i using MIB file to monitor (CPU/RAM) ?

Yes, your correct.

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Thanks !
I will recommend for custemor.
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Sorry, so this. Can you share link for me download MIB file ?
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You may obtain the latest MIB from the following link:

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Thanks Jarid Petermann !
I was downloaded Peplink Balance SNMP Private MIB for 4.x / 5.x .
But, when i deploy that in folder download haven’t any file have OID are info CPU, RAM …
So, Can you share for me file MIB have OID display info CPU, RAM of Peplink Balance ?
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Hi Hong Chuong ,

As mention by TK in the early post, you need to upgrade to firmware v6.2.1GA in-order to support some of the common standard MIB OID.


  1. hrMemorySize - .
  2. hrStorageTable - .

System Stat .

Thank You

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Thanks sitloongs
So, Can you share for me link download the folder have HOST-RESOURCES-MIB and UCD-SNMP-MIB ] ?
Best regards.

Hi Hong Chuong,

The mention MIB are Open Standard MIB files.

Thank You


Thanks sitloongs.
Thanks support team :slight_smile:
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