Monitor / Alert on VPN Status


I would like to know if it is possible to monitor the site-to-site VPN status with our management tool What’s Up Gold so we can be alerted when a site-to-site VPN goes down.

The Peplink Balance 580 has been added to our system and scanned for SNMP however only the physical interfaces show up which never go down. We need a way to alert us via the What’s Up Gold SMS system if a VPN drops. is this possible? I tried importing the MIB’s into WUG as well which made no difference when i re-scanned with SNMP.

Thanks you.

SpeedFusion status isn’t available by SNMP. But we can setup email notification and monitor its status via CLI, or better yet on the web admin interface.

In next few days we will be announcing firmware 5.4.4 which will introduce a new SpeedFusion chart to give you complete visibility of your SpeedFusion connection. Please stay tuned! :slight_smile:

And firmware 5.4.4 is here. Feel free to stay tuned to our social channels - Facebook and Twitter, for future updates.