Monetizing WiFi access on the BR1 (hotspotsystems?)


I am looking into solutions for being able to monetize internet access using the BR1 as a mobile wireless gateway. Currently I am looking at Hotspot system ( as part of that setup, because of its features and robustness, but I have not been able to find any information on integrating this service into the BR1, or any peplink device.

I saw 2 previous posts in these forums asking a similar question, but both were over 1 year old. Has anything changed in that time, or has anyone heard of a BR1 user that was able to integrate Hotspot System onto their device? If no, are there any plans in the future to develop the integration of this service?

Finally, are there any other captive-portal style services that can monetize WiFi access and are compatible with the BR1?

Thanks for your time and help!

Yes, we have relatively big deployment of free WiFi to support (about 50 devices of HD4 and Pepwave AP One). Our customer asks this functionality every day. I think Peplink would have good opportunity to steal marketshare from Mikrotik and DD-WRT-based deployments if this advertising/monetizing solution can be introduced. See for already supported platforms and functionality.

Good news is that we are working on it and will have special build release on MAX for interested users. Stay tuned!!


A BR1 special build, 6.3.0s004 has been released for those interested with HotspotSystem support to use.