Modem users recommendations please

I am just ordering a Max 700 & Balance 210. They will be shipped in from Oz to me here in NZ as we have no current dealer here.
THe Peplink modem support sheet has a couple hundred that are tested with Peplink products but it seems no-one has tried out modems with an NZ Telco.
Can anyone suggest some “generic good bet” 4G/3G usb modems that may work with our telco down here to help reduce the trial & error experiment I’m about to go through. Whatever results I come up with I will post them for other users here in NZ. thanks in advance.


The MF668 and MF668A should already work with the NZ Telco.

Also, on our modem support list if you do a search for MF. Most of those should work for you.

Thanks for the quick & useful reply Jarid