Modem Issues - Speed loss at the Balance 310?

Here is my situation. I previously had an old (5+ years) cable modem with my Comcast service. That is plugged into a Balance 310, and an AP One for WiFi. For the last year or so, I was able to get about 30Mbps down, and 6Mbps us, both on the router by ethernet or on the AP One wirelessly. Comcast has decided my modem is no longer acceptable and it is no longer supported.

They have since replaced my modem with a newer version. Since then, my Balance has been suffering. If i run a speed test directly at the modem, I can get my advertised speeds of 30/6. However through the Balance on ethernet or by WiFi, I’m sitting at a very painful 14/6. I have attempted changing the MTU size and auto, and regardless of setting it connects with the proper IP but I’m still stuck at this same slower speed. The Balance states its auto negotiated with the modem at 1000Mbps Full Duplex.

Here is the other thing throwing me. I can run a PepVPN speed test from the 310, and if I push UDP traffic I can force it to hit 30Mbps. I can’t quite lock down the issue where my normal web browsing on my wired or wireless clients is getting throttled so bad through the Balance. On 6.1.2 2717.

Has anybody else seen this issue, or is there a recommendation for a setting change?

Hi Kevin, do you see the same behavior if you connect the modem to the other WAN ports?

Last night I tried the other 2 WAN ports and I had the same issue. I did a factory reset on the Balance and I seems to have cleared up my wired speeds. I can now get the full 30/6 speeds out of the Balance, which match my modems capabilities on its own. I’m still trying to lock down the issues causing my WiFi performance to be so slow, but its not unique to the AP One. Another AP from another manufacturer I have the same issue, WiFi performance is about half that of my wired, where it used to perform equally at 30/6.

Hi Kevin - maybe you have a new neighbor that is using the same Wi-Fi channel as you? I would try changing your channel and see if that helps.