Model Choice

I’ve bought a Peplink 20 and its a nice little device, but want to get your opinion on how quickly i’ll outgrow it

I’m using it in a medical clinic.
I have comcast DSL 7Mb up/ 35Mb down and Century Link DSL 768k up, 7.5Mb down. These are the only two broadband services available to me
Right now, this supports
5 Voip users. We get about 100 calls max per day
6 computers. We use a lot of cloud based software, and have about 2-3 gb of internet traffic per day.
Over the next few years, this could grow to a max of 9 Voip lines and 12 computers.
Little use for VPN. I use it to access the server from home, and its doubtful that there would ever be more than 2 concurrent VPN sessions and frankly, they are most likely NOT going to occur when the office is otherwise open and other users are present.

Will the peplink 20 do well with this scale of use, or would one of the other models be advised? What will become the bottleneck here?
The cost difference is huge, so its also very tempting to beat the peplink 20 into the ground and upgrade if need be.

To scale the Balance, let’s go over the information you provided.

  1. Comcast DSL 7Mbps up/35Mbps down and Century Link DSL 768kbps up/7.5 Mbps down:
    The sum for all WANs is slightly over 50 Mbps. The Balance 20 has a router throughput rating of 100 Mbps, so the amount of available bandwidth should not be a concern.

  2. 9 VoIP lines and 12 computers would be considered 21 LAN clients. The total recommended number of users for a Balance 20 is 1-25. This does not look like it will become an issue either.

If you have 2-3 Gbps per day of internet traffic I suspect it is over a very long day given the available bandwidth. Another factor to consider is the number of active sessions at any given time going through the Balance, however it looks like the bottleneck here will be the Century link DSL.

The Balance 20 should continue to perform well. You can always upgrade at a later time if it becomes necessary.