Mission of Mercy

Source: https://westnetworks.com/2019/10/23/mission-of-mercy-mobile-clinics/

Peplink Provides High Quality, Secure Connectivity to Mission of Mercy Network

Mission of Mercy is a community-based organization providing free healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured. Located in Arizona, Maryland/Pennsylvania, and Texas, the organization required dependable access and secure VPN between offices and mobile health clinics. After extensive research, the organization partnered with West Networks, a Peplink partner, to improve access of data between locations without compromising reliability.

The Need for Network Redundancy

Mission of Mercy operates mobile health clinic vehicles as part of their healthcare service. Approximately 70% of their patients have one or more chronic conditions that can have serious and life-threatening consequences if left untreated. There is a great amount of difficulty in communicating from these mobile life-savers to the offices amongst a few different states. The ability for clinicians and employees to access the database for patient care and patient follow-up is one of the greatest concerns for this organization.

Utilizing Peplink’s SpeedFusion® technology, Mission of Mercy has created a reliable multisite network even where bandwidth is scarce- such as remote sites in mobile health clinics.”

Create secure site-to-site VPN

Peter West of West Networks designed and implemented a mobile communications system capable of transmitting patient records and essential data using Peplink and Pepwave devices. Peter demonstrated a proof-of-concept and explained how Peplink routers could use SpeedFusion to create a secure site-to-site VPN while eliminating downtime and increasing bandwidth.

The Design

The technology used by Mission of Mercy creates advantages with:

  • Centralization of data and access controls for HIPPA compliance
  • Anytime Access to secure EMR using 256bit VPN
  • Hardware VPN and bonding provides file and printer sharing across locations as well as a centralized VoIP solution.

The set-up allows the MAX HD2’s at the mobile health clinic’s coaches to form unbreakable VPN connections with the core Peplink Balance 710 at the datacenter. With this setup, the vehicles can remotely access vital information, such as patient registration and files (EMR), as well as seamlessly communicate using VoIP. The Pepwave routers bond cellular connections from multiple providers to deliver maximum bandwidth and stability in areas where cellular coverage is poor. And when the mobile clinics are working in areas with Wi-Fi, the MAX’s Wi-Fi as WAN feature provides the vehicles with equally reliable access.