Missing 802.1x configuration parameters on MAX HD4 MBX

I am trying to set up port based 802.1x authentication on the LAN ports on my MAX HD4 MBX. According to the manual provided by my Peplink supplier the Port Settings window should look like this:

However i can not see the the Authentication Method parameter in my Port Settings. This is how it looks like on my router:

I also do not have the the page 802.1X Autentication page under Advanced settings. I do have the RADIUS Server page and I have tried to set the RADIUS server settings.

The router is running firmware version 8.1.3 build 5162.

How can i configure 802.1x?

Port base 802.1X is not officially supported yet. Look like you got a manual from a Peplink partner for your requirement. There should be a testing firmware download link in the manual. Please use the testing firmware to do testing.

HI @TK_Liew,

that sounds great. Will this testing FW be implemented in the 8.2.0 or 9.0?
Can you send me this FW also?


@Dennis.Hofheinz, I have sent you a PM about the FW. As far as I know, It is not a feature immediately available in firmware 8.2.0 (as I have checked on 8.2.0 RC1).

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