Miscellaneous Forum Bugs/Feature Requests

Some of these were lost in the great forum crash of 2022 :slight_smile:

  • The button to create a new topic is labled “Create Topics” - it should say “Create Topic” or perhaps “New Topic” or “New Thread”
  • If you jump into a long thread, there is almost no way to figure out the thread Title. I end up scrolling all the way to the top to read the title, then back to where I was reading. Most forum software pins the Thread Title to the top of the window so you can still see it as you scroll down.
  • Discourse has a way to “Defer” a thread, which marks it as “unread” so you can come back to it later. A very handy feature.

We are really sorry about the crash!!!

Our Forum developers will look into these bugs/requests.

Can you please change the position if the „Feedback“ button. On Apple mobile phones and iPads its hard to click on Cancel or Reply due to this.

It’s not possible to edit your Name from within the Forum, and the forum defaults to making everyone’s full name publicly visible.

Given that these forum accounts are often the same accounts people are using for InControl, I think this is something of a security risk, putting people at risk of phishing etc.


  1. consider having full names hidden by default
  2. and/or only show full names for logged in members
  3. and/or put a link on the Forum / Profile page so that you can edit your name easily (the link should go to Peplink ID
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FWIW, that’s also the situation with browsers running under Windoze.