Misc questions about Balance 380 - DNS records, management & VPN tunnels

Hi! I am looking at a pair of Peplink 380’s to replace some other link balancing devices we have in place currently. I had a couple of questions that I hope someone could help answer?

  1. On the Authoritative DNS side - will the Peplink handle SRV & TXT records?

  2. When you are using Drop-in mode with HA in front of a Cisco ASA (or really any firewall) - how do manage the Peplinks? What IP address do you use for management purposes?

  3. We have a couple of site to site VPN tunnels that terminate on our Cisco ASA’s today through our current solution. I am able to get high availability on the site to site tunnels because the ASA on the other side of the tunnel has a peer for ISP 1 (this was the original site to site tunnel) but we also had them build a backup peer for an IP on ISP 2). In the situation that we lose ISP1, the site to site tunnel will go down, but it will come back up using the peer on ISP2. (which is Natted to the ASA) Is there any reason to think this wouldn’t work the same way with the Peplink Balance Router?