Mining Project

We have a customer for a Mining Project with the below requirements :

1- Full Wireless Coverage on 5.8 Ghz Wi-Fi for 2.5KM X 2.5KM area.
2- 75 x Mining vehicles which need to be connected to Wireless with Ability to fall back to mobile sim card data on private APN in case Wireless gets disconnected with very fast switching time.

please let me know the proper AP for area coverage and the proper MAX/Device connector for mobile vehicles.
please let me know if there is a same case study on your database.


Hi Hootan
I can imagine a mesh wifi network would be great in this situation!
Solar power could also help in the harder to reach areas and would be very easy to move the units in a changing environment.

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Thanks for your information.
I think we can offer them AP Pro for wireless coverage, but I need a good solution for the client side which are mining machines with too much shock and vibration , so I’m looking for a MAX model which supports 5.8Ghz wireless as WAN and seems like MAX Transit supports this. by the way if you have any other idea i would be glad to hear that.


It would completely depend on the cellular coverage in the area - lots of mines are in remote areas where cellular connectivity is already pretty hit and miss!
If the mine is deep, when the machines enter the pit, there wont be very much cell phone reception (I’m assuming your talking about open pit mine)

I would probably be looking at a wifi solution as 75 machines with cellular modems and contracts would be a large monthly contract fee.

Also depends on what data your transmitting. Is it local data or going out to the internet?

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