MikroTik Metal 52 AC configuration to MAX-BR1-5G

Hi All,

I am new here and I am hoping someone can share best practices for setting up the configuration with my MAX-BR1-5G and my external wifi antenna that is a MikroTik Metal 52 AC.

This wifi antenna is connected to the WAN ethernet port. Is anyone willing to share how they have theirs configured that is working well for them?

Thank you,


I have played with a similar setup (using Mikrotik for WiFi WAN on a Peplink WAN port). I am not sure exactly what you are trying to get at? You setup the Mikrotik independently, connect to whatever WiFi you want, manage that through Mikrotik interface, and then on the peplink side you just plug it in to the WAN port and set it up like any other WAN. How you want to use the WAN depends on your specific situation/use case.