Migration to Peplink b-380

Hi, guys,

I am new to Peplink products. We are planning to deploy Peplink B-380, B-580 in different sites.

Currently, we are using SRX firewalls for site edge firewall and router ( only default route to ISPs ).

For the deployment of Peplink B-380, B580; can we move the routing engine from existing SRX firewalls to Peplink B-380 & B-580.

Which means, for the B-380, B-580, we want the functions:

  1. Router for outside traffic ( to different ISPs )
  2. Load balance of 3 ISP links
  3. SpeedFusion with remote sites

Any advice ?

Many thanks in advance.
Benson LEI

First of all - Welcome to the forum!

Yes - although the Peplink appliances are SDWAN Appliances first. Their firewall capabilities although very successful, secure and reliable, are not a like for like replacement of a SRX. You should compare them and make sure you can do everything you want with the Balance.

All of this is fine.

Test and test and test again. No one here can know exactly how your network works or is configured - only you do.

Generally if I want to test a Peplink install beside an existing one I install the Peplink beside the existing router. See the tech documentation for the Pluss deployment. IN particular the deep dive for a real world migration example.

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Thx so much for your information, will read and study the material.

Benson LEI

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