Migrating to new LAN IP range

I need to migrate our LAN IP range. The current range 198.42.230.xxx/23, I have learned is actually a public range and occasionally leads to unintended problems. I want to migrate to 10.70.11.xxx/23.

My problem is that we have many devices that point to multiple servers on the current range. Some of those devices are at remote sites which are connected by PepVPN. It will take me several days to touch every device and make the necessary changes. Meanwhile I can’t shut everything down.

I’ve never worked with a VLAN, but maybe this is an application for that. Can I create a VLAN with the 10.70.11.xxx/23 range? If yes, will the devices on the existing 198.42.230.xxx/23 be able to communicate with the new VLAN? Will devices connected via PepVPN see the new VLAN?

Our home office where this change will happen is on a Balance 580 with firmware v7. The remote offices are 580 and 210, also on v7 firmware.

I assume there’s 3 locations here (2 with 580 and 1 with 210)?
What are the IP range which each of them are using?
Where are the multiple servers located?

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Yes there are three locations.

The home office with the servers is a 580 with firmware 7.0, LAN That needs to become

One remote is a 580 at This one is firmware 6.x because its an old hardware version.

The other remote is a 210 at Firmware is v7.

I am would like to add to the home office, while allowing to continue operating. When all the devices are migrated, will be removed.

I can see a couple of ways to do this, but to answer your question first, yes, VLAN can be created for your scenario. Just make sure inter-vlan routing is checked to enable them to communicate with one another.

If your servers are running on static IP, you probably don’t need to check anything physically. Otherwise, you’ll need a switch or configure access port type via your Balance GUI (Network > LAN > Port Settings), to assign your servers & devices to their respective VLAN.

If possible, I will have the devices connect to servers using hostname instead of IP address. That way, I can define what IP the hostname are pointing to via each of the Balance unit (Network > LAN > Network Settings > DNS Proxy Settings > Local DNS Record).

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