Migrating Peplink Hosted IC2 Data over to a Privately Hosted IC2 Down the track

Hi everyone:

I have a question re the migration of IC2 data from the Peplink Hosted IC2 (https://incontrol2.peplink.com) to a Privately Hosted server down the track.

We have a customer whi is looking at deploying a large number (this could be in the thousands over the years) of AP One AC Minis over the years. They are exploring the option on purchase and setting up a Privately Hosted IC2 for this purpose. However, since each device comes with a 1 year warranty as standard, and access to the Peplink Hosted IC2 is free within the warranty period, our customer is considering setting up their initial batch of devices (probably numering 200-300 AP Ones) onto the Peplink hosted IC2, and within a year will look at setting up their own privately hosted IC2 server. Thus, my question is, is there any way the can migrate the data from the Peplink Hosted IC2 to their privately hosted IC2 server onces they have it setup? I know you can do a group wide redirect to redirect the APs to communicate with their privately hosted IC2, but the privately hosted IC2 would still need to have the data for those devices right? Do they have to reconfigure the data for those devices again, or is there some sort of a migration tool that they could look at using?

Obviously new devices that they added/qcauired once their Privately Hosted IC2 is up and running would be setup on their own server, so that is not a problem, it is only the initla batch of APs where it is being (initially) setup to be managed by the Peplink Hosted IC2 that is gonig to be affected.

Hope this question makes sense to you all.

Thanks in advance for your help.

No worries. We could specially arrange a migration of an entire organization from our IC2 to your customer’s privately hosted InControl, aka InControl Appliance (ICA). What we will do is to clone the entire org’s data from ours to theirs once, and then set up a redirection for all groups in their org on our IC2. After a while, the devices will appear online on their ICA. No reconfiguration of the devices will be needed.

Note that the redirection setting is not saved to the devices but is saved and performed on IC2. When the devices boot up, they will still connect to IC2 and then will be redirected to the ICA. So for any newly purchased devices, you/they will also have to the add the devices to their org on IC2 in order to have the redirection works. (We are looking for a way to simplify this step in the future.)

Hope it answers.

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Are you referring to migrate the configuration and data (Reports) from Peplink’s InControl2 to the InControl2 Appliance?

Yes, everything you see in an organization (except organization administrators, which is defined separately) will be migrated.

Thanks very much for your help on this Michael. It is greatly appreciated.