Mifi 8000 USB tethering on Peplink Balance One Core?

Has anyone gotten the Inseego MiFi 8000 to work over USB tether with the Peplink Balance One Core unit? Been trying to get it to work but it just hangs at connecting on the dashboard. I know it’s not on the list of supported modems but apparently there are others who managed to get Verizon’s variant, the Jetpack MiFi 8800L to work, which from my understanding is the exact same unit with support for different LTE bands. Any particular settings I need to set to get it to work?

And on a related note, I keep getting the following error:

Mobile Internet (id: 6)
Unsupported value: modem operator

When making any changes under the WAN connection settings popup window for the mobile internet connection, any ideas what could be causing that?

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@peterjkim were you ever able to get this to work? I need to standup a new remote site and Sprint is the only carrier available and this is the only unit I am aware of that works on Sprint and supports an external antenna.

No, never got it to work. Went with a Cradlepoint CBA850 and used IP passthrough mode, much more stable and robust vs the junky MiFi 8000 and actually works with the Peplink unit. It supports external antennas and PoE so I was able to route it 200ft away from the wiring closet to the roof of our structure to mount large external antennas, signal strength went from -105dBm RSRP, 0dB SINR to -50dBm RSRP, 15dB SINR and download speeds went from 30-50mbps to a consistent 150mbps. You’d be missing out on the n41 and n71 bands with the MiFi unit if throughput is a long term concern, I could get ever higher speeds if I swap the modem but this is sufficient for our needs here.

@peterjkim Does your Peplink router see the public IP address on the WAN side of the CBA850? I want to setup a VPN connection and need that for it to work.