Microsoft Azure - Mutli-Site VPN

Anyone using MS Azure? I can successfully establish a static Single Site VPN but have had no luck with a Dynamic Multi-Site VPN using Peplink.

I’m looking for some guidance on Dynamic routing to Azure from Peplink Balance 1350 and 380. Please see the following MS documentation for requirements:


  • Does Peplink Balance support dynamic routing with IKE v2?
  • How to configure this?

Hi Vernon,

We are not support IKEv2 at the moment. You may submit features request here - Peplink | Pepwave - Forum.


I am trying to look for a documentation that shows how to setup a vpn between peplink and Azure. It looks like all the documentation either on Microsoft or Peplink sites are moved or deleted. Any help would be really appreciated.


IKEv2 is not supported at the moment. You may add your comment here.

Thank you.

Any further update on this?

This is in our roadmap.

Anyway, Microsoft Azure’s IPsec VPN do support IKEv1, only Dynamic Routing require IKEv2. If you are looking to establish IPSec VPN without dynamic routing, this is supported by us.