Micro-Air Easytouch Thermostat Wi-Fi issue possible T-mobile

I am looking for help and/or suggestions.

I have a BR1-Mini that is using a T-mobile hotspot SIM 100G / month and overall works great, zero issues in my Airstream travel trailer.

I have Blink cameras that I can monitor the cabin and it fully operates the video and controls of the Blink cameras anywhere, I mention this because it shows it works as intended.

My issue is I installed a Micro-Air Easytouch Thermostat:

It works via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The issue I’m having is “unique” because in Bluetooth range, it works exactly as intended. The touch screen shows a GREEN icon showing internet is connected. There is a sun and moon icon, when pressed, returns a clip of the current weather at its location. This tells me the coms are good and it can retrieve data via the BR1-mini.

What is not working is the phones app via the Wi-Fi outside the Bluetooth range but from what I’m told should work exactly as the Blink cameras do. I’ve been in touch with their support (micro-air) and that is still ongoing.

I was sent to this page:


At first I had a red Icon on the wifi, but that resolved over the last 5 days I’ve used it and like I said, it was getting proper weather updates.

The article refers to MQTT and port 8333. I “suspect” that this may be the problem, but I’m unsure if that really is it. Since the blinks work without issue, I would expect the tstat to work the same as both are considered IoT devices yes???

I’m just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should be looking at in the admin area to “allow” which I’m assuming the router may be blocking these message types if at all?

Can someone give me a starting point to look at? I thought this would be a simple plug and pray…clearly it isn’t. I’d really like to get this working if there is something subtle that I may have missed.

Appreciate any help.


Just an update, it turns out there was nothing wrong with any of my hardware. The support team from Micro-Air determined that their app needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled so that whatever changes had been made were brought down from their server. Once that was done, it works as expected. They clearly have more work to do on there app and I mentioned that a bug report needed to be created.

There are very few who will uninstall and reinstall an app in hopes to “fix” a profile update issue.

Hopefully they can sort it out or have a way for the user to push the update manually within the installed app.

So consider this a false flare and this topic can be closed.