MHS291L with SOHO

I just set up my new SOHO. Works fine with a Pantech MHS291L (Millenicom/VZW) hotspot as WiFI-as-WAN. However tethering does not appear to work. When plugged in via USB, the Dashboard detects it and then displays “Connecting…” indefinitely. I am running 6.1.0 firmware, upgraded from 6.0.3 - as this firmware is supposed to support the MHS291L.
I left the connection as “Auto” without specifying APN or anything else. My LAN network is in the 10.x.x.x/24 space.
Appreciate any help. Thanks.


Please try the following firmware to see if it resolves your issue with MHS291L


That did it, I am now able to USB tether with the linked firmware. Failover and failback seems to work fine. Thank you so much for the prompt response!

I too was having this problem on a Surf SOHO running 6.1.0-build1419 and a Verizon/Pantech MHS291LVW. I upgraded to the firmware attached above and everything is working well now.

Related to tethering versus WiFi as WAN, common logic would say that tethering should be as fast as WiFi as WAN but I find quite the opposite. Using,

. The transfer speed via WiFi as WAN is 10 times the tethering speed. The MiFi was in the same local, I just change the connection in the SOHO.

This doesn’t make sense. I would prefer tethering running as fast as WiFi as WAN because I think performance would be better if the SOHO radio only had to deal with clients.


Wifi hotspot and cellular are shared bandwidth services. This mean the available bandwidth is depend on the active subscribers at that area. It is very subjective on the bandwidth you got during the speed test.

You missed the point that the connection to the Internet was the same Mifi just a few seconds apart. I ran the test on USB and then switched to MiFi as WAN and ran the test again. I had replaced the results a few times.

The variable was the USB versus the WiFi as WAN connection from the SOHO to the MiFi (Pantech291)


Sorry for confusing. Now I know that you are tethered with USB and Wifi connection.

Have you try the same method but tether with your PC? If tether with PC is much better, please open ticket at for further checking.

Good idea of getting the OHO out of the loop. I should have thought of that.

This week I am in a poor 4G area but I got a test of the PC USB to the MiFi and the PC Wireless connected to the MiFi. Again, the MiFi is the same location and only one interface connected at a time.

SOHO_3 is USB connected. SOHO_4 is wireless connected. The result are more in line of what I would expect, almost equal.


Please open ticket at here