MG42 to Max Transit Duo Antenna connection?

I am connecting the new MG42 Antenna to the Max Duo router but the LTE cables from the antenna say LTE 1,2,3 & 4, with red labels.
The router has Cell 1 main and Cell 1 Diversity/Aux and Cell 2 main and Cell 2 Diversity/Aux.
Do you know the correct way to connect these?

Hi Jeff - Welcome to the forum,
I would connect
LTE 1 And 2 to Cell1 Main & Cell1 Aux
LTE 2 & 3 to Cell2 Main & Cell2 Aux.

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ok, is there any Peplink guidance for this as in some instructions?

Consider the antenna isolation graph on the data sheet, it shows isolation between each of the antenna elements.

It would suggest that with the exception of around 800MHz there should be sufficient isolation for 2 modems to operate across two pairs of LTE elements just fine as Martin has suggested, I’d just keep an eye on the bands in use on each modem but it is probably unlikely you’d end up with both modems on the 800MHz band especially if you have a different carrier in use on each modem.

I have used the cellular / gps only version of that antenna with TST Duos and 20X units just fine fwiw in this exact configuration.