Mesh system or single Wifi Router for RV

I recently added a MAX Transit Duo to my fifth wheel RV. I upgraded from a Mofi4500. I am very happy with it so far, however the wifi signal does not appear to be as strong as I was expecting. It is centrally located, but connecting to either end, and outside, is rather weak.

I have seen tests where simply adding a wifi router has actually increased your speed a tad. Would something like a high end Netgear Nighthawk be suitable, or should I look into the mesh system market? Thanks.

The Transit Duo should be more than sufficient for an RV.
What are your radio settings? You might be on a lower power setting.

I have not changed anything regarding radio setting what would that be under in the admin panel?

Should be under AP > AP Settings.

Yep its on fixed/max

It might be worth checking the physical antenna placement to making sure they haven’t come loose from vibration. Also, if they’re both laying down or against a metal surface it’s going to degrade the signal.
Typically a “V” or “L” shape arrangement works well.
A 2.4ghz network will also travel further than a 5ghz, at the expense of speed.