Meraki MX IPSec VPN to Balance

Just a quick question, I can’t seem to find in the manuals anywhere.

I have successfully setup an IPSec VPN between Meraki MX and Peplink Balance Router and I am able to pass traffic. is the lan on the MX side. All of the lans on the peplink side have static routes to the same gateway as the lan However, I see the following disconnection messages:

Why does this show disconnected?

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You can obtain the latest firmware, release notes, and user manual here.

It looks like the Meraki MX side does not include the additional networks like the VPN is partially established. There are no issues with the ↔ networks correct?

Thanks for the quick update. That’s correct, the ↔ networks are working great. Just the others show disconnected.

The Meraki is configured to access the subnets on the peplink side and the tunnel shows up:

Both sides are matched other than the network. With LAN static routes and no NAT, the LAN clients from other networks should show up under: Status> Client List and you should be able to ping them from the Balance.