MAZ BR1 MINI - Drastically Slower Download/Upload Speeds

Set up my MAX BR1 Mini for remote internet access a few months ago and download speeds were 7-9 mbps and now i can’t get anything about 0.09 mpbs. I’ve tried to reboot the system with no results, not sure if I need to download new software/firmware or what the issue is.

Hi Luke, welcome to the Forum!

This is an indication that your carrier is throttling your connection speed and this will happen when you have consumed your monthly allotment of data.

The carriers all advertise unlimited data plans but only the first 15-22GB will have full speed, after that they limit it until the next monthly billing cycle begins.

At the end of the day this is not a Peplink or device issue but rather a data plan issue.



I have checked with my carrier, Verizon, and I have unlimited data and under 15GB for the period anyway. They have assured me they aren’t throttling my internet speeds.

What plan do you have?

Honestly not sure, my company set me up with it off our cell phone plan.

Where in the world are you? What mobile network are you connected to? If you look at cellular details what signal readings do you have and what frequencies are you connected to?
If you look at the IC2 historical reports has your signal quality changed recently?

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The unit is set up in Bala Cynwyd, PA, and cell service is awful where I’m at but with the router and a cell booster I had a good setup going. Trying to look up signal histories but it takes 10 minutes to load an internet page. I’m back in the stone ages of dial up.

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Hello @Luke_Frymye,
If you are connecting your router/modem (regardless of brand) through a cellular/mobile booster/repeater, don’t. Use a separate antenna system isolated to get your signal for your cellular/mobile router/modem. This has been covered many times before here in this forum.

Connecting a booster directly to a router/modem is likely to cause damage and void your warranty. In many countries in the world the use of boosters/repeaters is banned/restricted and we see regularly self done installations with repeaters/boosters that we have to rebuild from the ground up.

Use a purpose designed and fitted dedicated passive antenna solution for your router/modem, it will outperform any booster/repeater solution when done correctly every time.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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